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Buses used to be the main means of transportation for Chinese people。In recent years,due to the continuous increase in the number of private cars,the traffic problems in cities have become more serious。 Many cities have been trying to improve the service quality of buses in order to encourage more people to travel by bus。The facilities of the vehicles are constantly updated and the speed significantly improved, but the bus fare still remains quite low。Now,in most cities,many local elderly citizens can take buses for free。



In the past,traveling by plane was unimaginable for most Chinese people。With the economic development and the improved living standards,more Chinese people,including many farmers and migrant workers,afford to travel by air。They can fly to all major cities,and many cities are also planning to build airports。Aviation services are constantly improving and special fares are often available。In recent years,there have been increasing numbers of people choosing to travel by air during holidays



In recent years , mare cities in China have begun to build subways in a bid to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.A growing number of people choose subway as the main means of transportation an to work or school every day to enjoy its advantages Of safety , speed and comfort. Nowadays , taking the subway is becoming increasingly convenient in China,for Passengers in some cites simply use their cards or mobile phones to take the subway and many local elderly citizens can also take it for free


No body could deny that writing is one of the basic abilities for men. Put it another way, it is unlikely to imagine human civilization without writing ability.
At the top of the list, if we overlook the significance of writing ability, we will suffer a great difficulty in our daily written communication. In addition to what has been mentioned above, it is advisable for us to attach importance to this ability because writing plays a key in our academic performance. To summarize,writing does carry a positive implication for our life and study.
In view of the great value of writing ability, we should take actions to develop this capability. For my part, initially, we are supposed to keep in mind that reading is the first step of writing, so we should read great books as many as possible, learning from the great works how to write concisely and effectively. Moreover, owing to the fact that practice makes perfect, we should frequently practice writing; for example, we may develop the habit of keeping a diary.



There is no denying the importance of writing . Without it , it is difficult to pass any examination no matter how much money or success one has . In order to maintain our English level and pass exam that are as fulfilling as possible , it is important to take some steps .

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